Following these steps will assess missing school fees to a single student or a batch of selected students.  These steps will never create duplicate school fees.  

NOTE: These steps do not assess course fees.  For that follow the Assess Course Fees instructions.

  • Go to the PowerSchool Start Page
  • Select the student(s) you wish to update.
  • Click "Special Functions" from the left sidebar.
  • Click "Fee Functions (MBA Fees Plugin)"
  • Click "Assess School Fees"
  • You can further filter the students you wish to target by selecting grade levels.
  • Select the fee you wish to assess using the fee drop down. (each fee type must be run separately)

  • Click "Display Fees" 
  • PowerSchool will only show students missing the selected fee.

  • Click "Assess Fees" to apply that fee to the student(s)
  • Repeat these steps for other school fees (ie. Curriculum Fee & Activity Fee)