The following directions are to help perform a custom search for students in PowerSchool.  Many don't realize they can search using any field inside PowerSchool.  For instance, you can search for all students who have allergies.  More examples are provided at the end of the article. 

Explanation of Custom Searches:

  • Go to the PowerSchool Start page
  • The search box can be used to query on any field in PowerSchool.
  • To view what fields you can search with you can click the "View Feild List" on the right. 

  • The search query follows this specific format <feild name> = <Query>.  For example, 'Grade_Level=7' show only active 7th Graders.
  • The query can also use greater than '<' or less than '>' operators.  For example, 'Grade_Level>7' shows 8th Graders and above.
  • Some fields only hold a 'Yes' or 'No' value.  For example, 'allergies=yes' shows all students with reported allergies.
  • Other fields hold different values.  For example, 'city=oxford' shows active students with a home address in the city of Oxford.
  • The query can also use 'is', 'is not', 'contains', 'does not contain' operators.  For example 'city is not oxford' shows active students with a home address that is not Oxford.
  • If you need to search both active and inactive students place a forward slash '/' in front of the search.  For example '/sch' shows all active and inactive student with a last name that starts with the letters 'sch'.

IMPORTANT: Be sure of the type of information that is found in the field you are doing a search on, otherwise your search results won't be correct. 


Active students in grades 9-12Grade_Level>8
Active out of district studentsDistrictOfResidence#D0358
Active in district studentsDistrictOfResidence=D0358
Active students with an IEP
Active students without an IEP
Any students with an EXIT code of 'unknown'
Active students with reported allergies
Active students requesting transportation
Active students who opt-out of photos
Active students who opt-in to KCTC SurveyU_Students_Extension.AUTH_survey_1=Yes
All inactive students/Enroll_Status is not 0