Completing these steps will copy the semester grades from the teacher grade books and store them in the historical record for the student(s).  This is a vital step to complete accurately at the end of each semester.  Historical grades are required to populate semester grade cards, high school transcripts, and successful state reports.


  • Be sure all teachers have updated their grade books for the semester before you proceed.  Otherwise incorrect grades will be saved in the student's historical grades.
  • If you have quarter grades in your school, You will need to complete the guide Permanently Storing Grades for Quarters (also found in Help Desk)


  • It's a good idea to follow these steps completely with just a few students or a grade level at first.  Then verify your results.  This will help you to be sure you've completed the steps correctly and accurate data is saved.


  1. From the PowerSchool Start Page Select the school and group of students you wish to permanently store grades for.

  2. Go to ‘System’ -> ‘Permanently Store Grades
    1. Which Grades section of the wizard is asking which term you wish to store the grade.  Both options should match (S1 for semester 1 or S2 for semester 2).

    2. Exclude/Include Class Enrollments section is to exclude classes that may not have been completed.  It's is a good idea to set the second option and define a date that is roughly two or three weeks after the start of the term we defined above.  

    3. Additional Filter Options section is how you target the students you wish to store grades to.  You can choose a whole grade level or your current selection.

    4. Classes by term length section is used to award graduation credit for completed classes.  


    5. Options for classes enrolled at other schools section is used to limit courses by school.  Normally you would leave this set to 'All Schools' and 'This School'.

    6. Options for withholding credit - only those items checked can cause credit to be withheld section is used to withhold credit for poor attendance.  Normally, you would not use this section.

    7. Advanced Potential and Earned Credit Options section is used to to limit graduation credit to Potential or Earned credit.  For our district, choose 'Store both Potential and Earned Credit'.

      NOTE: The other options will store inaccurate data for our district setup.

    8. Variable Credit Storing Preferences section is used to limit awarding graduation credit to classes that have a passing grade.  Please select 'Awarded', '0', 'Round' and '0' for the options in this section.

    9. Repeated Course Grade Suppression section is used to suppress grades for a repeated class.  Leave this box unchecked.

    10. If all you options are correct, click 'Submit'

  3. You will be presented with a Permanently Store Grades Progress summary screen.  Verify the number of records stored and number of students that were updated.  Check for errors.

  4. The office will want to verify the accuracy of the historical grades by inspecting the 'Historical Grades' screen for the students.  Alternatively, the Historical Grade Report or Grade Card report can be used.

    IMPORTANT: Pay particular attention to special education students and off-site college students for missing grades or duplicate grades and credit.