How to log into the student PowerSchool app

Step 1: Open the Manager App

Step 2: Find the PowerSchool App and download it

Step 3: Find and open the PowerSchool App from the desktop

Step 4: Enter District code: RNDG 

Step 5: Tap "Continue"

Step 6: Type in your first and last name, no spaces. NOT your email address. First and last name only. All lowercase. No spaces.

Step 7: Type in your school accounts password. This is exactly the same password you use for logging into Securly and email.

Step 8: Continue. You are now successfully logged into the PS app. 


Q: What if I don't remember my password?

A: You can request a copy of your password from the office

Q: I did all of that but it doesn't work

A: Check to make sure you did NOT use your full email address. You must use only your first and last name. 

Q: I have multiple last names, which one do I use?

A: Use the first half of your email address, everything BEFORE the "@" sign. DO NOT use "" as it will not work.