Follow these steps to add a Staff Member to the district website hosted by Apptegy

NOTE: Avoid abbreviations in making event titles.  All titles and descriptions need to be text readable for ADA compliance reasons.

  1. Login to the Website admin portal called Thrillshare.
  2. Click "Platform" -> "Directory"

  3. Click the red "Create Contact" Button.
  4. Once you have filled in all the relevant information
  5. Click the "Create Contact" button at the bottom of the menu. You will now find your new entry in the Directory.

Managing Your Staff Member Entries

To edit or delete any of your staff entries, hover over the name you want to change. At the right end of the entry, a trash can and pencil icon will appear. The trash can icon will let you delete the entry, and the pencil icon will allow you to edit the information on that staff member.

Rearranging your Staff Directory to reflect the organizational structure of your district is as easy as ‘click-and-drag.’ As shown below, hovering your cursor over a staff member creates a pop-up effect and exposes a texture grid on the left-hand side. As your cursor hovers over that grid, it will turn to a four-way arrow, which enables the click-drag feature to rearrange your list.