The following directions should be used to add a new class section or course for a specific teacher at a specific class period. 

NOTE: Class sections should not ever be deleted.  They can be reassigned to a dummy teacher account but rarely deleted. 


    First you need a few pieces of information in order to create a new section of a class or course.  Please have these well in mind prior to starting Part II.

  1. Course Number.
    • Be sure to pick the correct course number.  Think about these variables while choosing one:  Dual Credit, Special Ed, Virtual, IDL, On Campus, or CTE.
  2. Semester & Period that class is held.
  3. Teacher or Assigned Instructors.
  4. Co-teachers if desired.


  1. In PowerSchool choose the School (from the upper right) where the section will be created.
  2. Click Teacher Schedules from the left sidebar menu.
  3. Click the Teacher's Name where you will create the new section.
  4. Click the button labeled New.
  5. Enter the Course Number.
  6. Check one single period when the class will be held.
    • Hx = X Hour (Attendance & Grades)
    • SR = Seminar (Attendance & Grades)
    • CL = College (For Grades Only)
  7. Choose the Term or semester the class will be held.
  8. Optional: If needed choose additional options
  9. Click submit at the bottom of the page.