Following these steps will create or update a student in PowerSchool.  These steps should be run after a guardian has completed and submitted their enrollment packet(s) inside SchoolMint.

IMPORTANT: Further steps need to be completed in order to fully enroll and activate a student.  Please follow the Creating a New Student using Online Enrollment article.

  • Login to SchoolMint (
  • From the menu select 'Admissions' -> 'Sync to SIS'
  • Filter the search down to the grade level of student(s) you want to sync.  We recommend starting with a single grade level.  

  • In the search results, checkmark the student(s) to sync.

  • Click the 'Sync to SIS' button, located above the search results.
  • Confirm the message that comes up by clicking 'Yes'
  • SchoolMint will now look for errors. When no errors are found, click "Continue"
  • Verify the information on the Finalize Sync to SIS screen and click "Sync to SIS"
  • Click "Confirm Sync" if prompted.
  • Inspect the Summary page for any errors or failures.